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    “The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula” was a double-episode of The Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries American TV series which aired for three seasons on the ABC network from January 1977 to January 1979. The series starred Parker Stevenson and Shaun Cassidy... Read More ›

    Lorne-Greene-DraculamondozillaLorne-Greene-DraculaThe-Hardy-Boys-and-Nancy-Drew-Meet-Dracula-titlePamela-Sue-Martin-Nancy-Drew-Meets-DraculaHardy-Boys-Nancy-Drew-Season-Two-DVDHardy-Boys-Nancy-Drew-hotel-shenanigansFrankenstein's-monster-Hardy-Boys-Nancy-Drew-Meet DraculaPaul-Williams-in-Hardy-Boys-Nancy-Drew-Meet-DraculaShaun-Cassidy-Hardy-Boys-and-Nancy-Drew-Meet-Draculanancyboys001Lorne-Greene-DraculamondozillaLorne-Greene-DraculaThe-Hardy-Boys-and-Nancy-Drew-Meet-Dracula-titlePamela-Sue-Martin-Nancy-Drew-Meets-DraculaHardy-Boys-Nancy-Drew-Season-Two-DVDHardy-Boys-Nancy-Drew-hotel-shenanigansFrankenstein's-monster-Hardy-Boys-Nancy-Drew-Meet DraculaPaul-Williams-in-Hardy-Boys-Nancy-Drew-Meet-DraculaShaun-Cassidy-Hardy-Boys-and-Nancy-Drew-Meet-Draculanancyboys001

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  • 02/04/15--09:19: Silverhide
  • ‘The ultimate predator!’ Silverhide – formerly Pounce – is a 2015 British horror film written and directed by Keith R. Robinson. It stars Lucy Clarvis, Kelly Wines, John Hoye, Jordan Murphy, Phil Stone, Sean Hayes, and Matt Brewer. Plot teaser: A group of conspiracy... Read More ›


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  • 02/04/15--15:42: Monster Parade – magazine
  • ‘Tales to give you nightmares!’ Monster Parade was an American horror magazine issued by Irwin Stein’s Magnum Publications in 1958 and 1959. It was an attempt to cash-in on the success of Warren’s Famous Monsters of Filmland but its mix of... Read More ›

    Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 23.32.00mondozillaMonster-Parade-no.1Monster-Parade-n0.2Monster-Parade-no.3Monster-Parade-no.4How-to-be-a-witch-Monster-ParadeScreen Shot 2015-02-04 at 23.32.00mondozillaMonster-Parade-no.1Monster-Parade-n0.2Monster-Parade-no.3Monster-Parade-no.4How-to-be-a-witch-Monster-Parade

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    Santo and Blue Demon vs. the Monsters – original title: Santo y Blue Demon contra los Monstruos – is a 1969 Mexican action horror movie directed by Gilberto Martínez Solares from a screenplay by Rafael García Travesi and Jesús Sotomayor Martínez for Sotomayor productions. The... Read More ›

    santo-blue-demon-monstruos14mondozillasanto_and_blue_demon_vs_monsters_poster_01santo-blue-demon-monstruos14Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 19.56.33Fankensteinmonst31monstrc07santoybluevslosmonstsanto-y-blue-demon-contra-los-monstrousSanto-Blue-Monsters1santo-blue-demon-monstruos14mondozillasanto_and_blue_demon_vs_monsters_poster_01santo-blue-demon-monstruos14Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 19.56.33Fankensteinmonst31monstrc07santoybluevslosmonstsanto-y-blue-demon-contra-los-monstrousSanto-Blue-Monsters1

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  • 02/20/15--02:40: Werewolf from Bangladesh
  • Werewolf Dari Bangladesh – “Werewolf from Bangladesh” – is a 2015 Malaysian horror movie written and directed by Mamat Khalid (Zombies from Banana Village; When the Full Moon Rises; Zombie Kilang Biskut; Back Home with the Ghost of Mak Limah). Popular... Read More ›

    Werewolf-Dari-Bangladeshi-detailmondozillawerewolf bangladeshWerewolf-Dari-Bangadesh-2015-Mamat-Khalid-Malaysia-horrorWerewolf-Dari-Bangladeshi-detailmondozillawerewolf bangladeshWerewolf-Dari-Bangadesh-2015-Mamat-Khalid-Malaysia-horror

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  • 03/04/15--13:27: Crying Wolf
  • ‘Hungry, hairy, and ready to hunt you down’ Crying Wolf is a 2015 3D comedy horror film directed by Tony Jopia (Zombie Harvest; DeadTime; Cute Little Buggers) from a screenplay co-written with Andy Davie and Michael Dale. It stars Caroline Munro (Dracula A.D. 1972; Captain... Read More ›


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    Santo vs. las Mujeres Vampiro is a 1962 Mexican horror film directed by Alfonso Corona Blake (The World of the Vampires; Samson in the Wax Museum) from a screenplay co-written with Rafael García Travesi, Antonio Orellana and Fernando Osés. K. Gordon Murray supervised the American re-edited... Read More ›

    Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 22.50.02mondozillasanto_vs_vampire_women_poster_031Vampireeyessamson-vs-the-vampire-womenScreen Shot 2015-03-22 at 22.33.19Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 23.25.40Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 22.50.02SampsonvsVampireWomensanto_vs_the_vampire_women_poster_01Samson-Santo-DVDScreen Shot 2015-03-22 at 22.50.02mondozillasanto_vs_vampire_women_poster_031Vampireeyessamson-vs-the-vampire-womenScreen Shot 2015-03-22 at 22.33.19Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 23.25.40Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 22.50.02SampsonvsVampireWomensanto_vs_the_vampire_women_poster_01Samson-Santo-DVD

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    The Do-It-Yourself Werewolf Kit was an American set of novelty items sold in 1964 for one dollar by Victor Specialities – who also sold a vampire version – of Derby, Connecticut. In return for this vast sum purchasers were promised... Read More ›

    Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 15.06.20mondozillaDo-It-Yourself-Werewolf-Kit-1964-noveltyScreen Shot 2015-04-07 at 15.06.20mondozillaDo-It-Yourself-Werewolf-Kit-1964-novelty

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  • 04/26/15--15:53: The Howling: New Moon Rising
  • The Howling: New Moon Rising – also known as Howling VII and Howling VII: Mystery Woman – is a 1995 direct-to-video horror sequel to The Howling and the seventh film in the film series, directly succeeding Howling VI: The Freaks. The movie was written,... Read More ›

    Howling-VIImondozillavQhpVwkur3CHpddREeF9VLmpAnphowling 7120lPBsTuoKZ7Howling-VIIb8819f49d3b44626fdd8b66f5eaf68e9THE-HOWLING-NEW-MOON-RISING220px-Howling_VIIHowling-VIImondozillavQhpVwkur3CHpddREeF9VLmpAnphowling 7120lPBsTuoKZ7Howling-VIIb8819f49d3b44626fdd8b66f5eaf68e9THE-HOWLING-NEW-MOON-RISING220px-Howling_VII

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  • 05/25/15--05:32: Werewolf By Night – comic
  • Werewolf by Night – birth name Jacob Russoff, legal name Jacob Russell, nicknamed Jack – is a fictional character, an anti-heroic werewolf in the Marvel Comics universe. The Werewolf by Night (usually referred to by other characters simply as the Werewolf)... Read More ›

    werewolfbynight6mondozillawerewolfbynight1werewolfbynight17werewolfbynight2werewolfbynight3werewolfbynight6werewolfbynight8werewolfbynight12werewolfbynight4werewolfbynight5werewolfbynight11Werewolf-by-Night-Amazonwerewolfbynight14werewolfbynight15Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 13.27.42werewolfbynight16werewolfbynightwerewolfbynight13werewolfbynight7werewolfbynight9werewolfbynight10werewolfbynight6mondozillawerewolfbynight1werewolfbynight17werewolfbynight2werewolfbynight3werewolfbynight6werewolfbynight8werewolfbynight12werewolfbynight4werewolfbynight5werewolfbynight11Werewolf-by-Night-Amazonwerewolfbynight14werewolfbynight15Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 13.27.42werewolfbynight16werewolfbynightwerewolfbynight13werewolfbynight7werewolfbynight9werewolfbynight10

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  • 09/26/15--13:44: Uncaged
  • ‘Beware the beast within’ Uncaged is a 2015 American supernatural horror film produced and directed by Daniel Robbins from a screenplay co-written with Mark Rapaport. The film is released on DVD and digital download on February 2, 2016, via RLJ Entertainment. Cast:... Read More ›


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  • 10/25/15--14:16: Monsterwolf
  •   ‘Pray he’s not hungry’ Monsterwolf, also known as Monster Wolf, is a 2010 American Syfy television supernatural horror film directed by Todor Chapkanov (Copperhead; Ghost Town; True Bloodthirst; Asylum) from a screenplay by Charles Bolon (Swamp Shark). Busy actor Griff Furst... Read More ›

    Monsterwolfmondozillamonsterwolf-tv-movie-poster-2010-1020711615MonsterwolfMonsterwolf-Blu-rayMonsterwolf-DVDMONSTERWOLF -- Syfy Original Movie -- Pictured: Monsterwolf -- Photo by: Syfymovie-poster-monster-wolf_0Monsterwolf_5Monsterwolfmondozillamonsterwolf-tv-movie-poster-2010-1020711615MonsterwolfMonsterwolf-Blu-rayMonsterwolf-DVDMONSTERWOLF -- Syfy Original Movie -- Pictured: Monsterwolf -- Photo by: Syfymovie-poster-monster-wolf_0Monsterwolf_5

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    The Monsters Chess Set featuring Universal Studios monsters was a limited edition chess set issued in 1999 by a company named Spencer. The King and Queens of both pieces are 3″ tall.  The chess board set weighs over 10 lbs. and... Read More ›


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  • 11/15/15--15:12: Skinwalkers
  • Skinwalkers is a 2006 Canadian horror-action film about werewolves directed by former effects technician James “Jim” Isaac (director of The Horror Show; Jason X and Pig Hunt) from a screenplay by James DeMonaco, Todd Harthan and James Roday. Prolific Canadian co-producer Don Carmody began... Read More ›

    Skinwalkers-2006-Natassia-MalthemondozillaSkinwalkers-2006-Natassia-Malthebad968full-skinwalkersScreen Shot 2015-11-15 at 23.03.39Skinwalkers-DVDSkinwalkers-2006-Natassia-MalthemondozillaSkinwalkers-2006-Natassia-Malthebad968full-skinwalkersScreen Shot 2015-11-15 at 23.03.39Skinwalkers-DVD

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    Little Dead Rotting Hood is a 2016 American horror film directed by Jared Cohn (12/12/12; The Horde) from a screenplay by Gabriel Campisi (Alien Agenda: Endangered Species). It was produced by The Asylum’s David Michael Latt (Sharknado and many, many more). The... Read More ›


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  • 02/05/16--05:46: She Wolf Rising (2016)
  • ‘The heart becomes savage’ She Wolf Rising is a 2016 American werewolf-themed supernatural horror film written and directed by Marc Leland. Main cast: Tiffany Shepis (Model Hunger; Axeman), Debbie Rochon (Varsity Blood; Clinger), Timothy Mandala, Ruby Larocca (ZombieChrist; Porkchop; Slaughter Daughter), Tina Krause... Read More ›

    Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 13.45.26mondozillashe-wolf-rising-movie-poster-2010-1020685010She-Wolf-Rising-Indie-Rights-DVDshe_wolf_1Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 13.45.26mondozillashe-wolf-rising-movie-poster-2010-1020685010She-Wolf-Rising-Indie-Rights-DVDshe_wolf_1

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    ‘The undead movie party’ The Penny Dreadful Picture Show is a 2013 American horror anthology film comprising of three tales of terror written and directed by Nick Everhart, Leigh Scott and Eliza Swenson. Main cast: Eliza Swenson, Craig Blair, Theodore Bouloukos, Sid Haig,... Read More ›

    Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 18.06.30mondozillapenny-dreadful-picture-show-posterpenny2Penny-Dreadful-2penny-dreadful-picture-show-josh-hammondtpdpsScreen Shot 2016-02-19 at 18.06.30mondozillapenny-dreadful-picture-show-posterpenny2Penny-Dreadful-2penny-dreadful-picture-show-josh-hammondtpdps

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  • 03/30/16--03:52: When Animals Dream (2014)
  • When Animals Dream – originally titled: Når dyrene drømmer – is a 2014 Danish supernatural horror mystery and the feature film directorial debut of Jonas Alexander Arnby from a screenplay by Rasmus Birch. Plot: Marie (Sonia Suhl) is a shy sixteen-year-old growing up... Read More ›


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    Santo y Blue Demon vs Drácula y el Hombre Lobo (“Santo and Blue Demon vs. Dracula and the Wolf Man”) is a 1973 Mexican supernatural horror film directed by Miguel M. Delgado (El fantasma de la casa roja; Santo vs. the... Read More ›

    hqdefaultmondozillasanto_and_blue_demon_vs_dracula_and_wolfman_poster_01hqdefaultZur ARTE-Sendung Santo und der blaue Dämon contra Dracula und Werwolf  10: Während der große Wrestling-Kämpfer El Santo im Ring beschäftigt ist, wird Vampir Dracula (Aldo Monati) zum Leben erweckt. © Winkler Film Foto: ARD Honorarfreie Verwendung nur im Zusammenhang mit genannter Sendung und bei folgender Nennung hqdefaultmondozillasanto_and_blue_demon_vs_dracula_and_wolfman_poster_01hqdefaultZur ARTE-Sendung Santo und der blaue Dämon contra Dracula und Werwolf 10: Während der große Wrestling-Kämpfer El Santo im Ring beschäftigt ist, wird Vampir Dracula (Aldo Monati) zum Leben erweckt. © Winkler Film Foto: ARD Honorarfreie Verwendung nur im Zusammenhang mit genannter Sendung und bei folgender Nennung "Bild: Sendeanstalt/Copyright". Andere Verwendungen nur nach vorheriger Absprache: ARTE-Bildredaktion, Silke Wölk Tel.: +33 3 881 422 25, E-Mail: bildredaktion@arte.tv91dgOKyeFnL._SL1500_Santo y Blue Demon contra Dracula y el Hombre Lobo

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  • 05/15/16--15:35: Wolfman (1979)
  •   ‘When the full moon rises’ Wolfman is a 1979 American supernatural horror film written and directed by Worth Keeter (Rottweiler: The Dogs of Hell); Tales of the Third Dimension). Aka Wolfman – A Lycanthrope Main cast:  Earl Owensby, Kristina Reynolds, Sid... Read More ›

    wolfmancovermondozillawolfman_1979_poster_01Wolfman-2Wolfman-1Werewolves-DVDHorror-Movie-a-Day-the-Book-Brian-W-CollinsWolfman-3regional-horror-films-brian-albrightwolfman 1982 vhs front & backwolfmancoverwolfman 1979wolfmancovermondozillawolfman_1979_poster_01Wolfman-2Wolfman-1Werewolves-DVDHorror-Movie-a-Day-the-Book-Brian-W-CollinsWolfman-3regional-horror-films-brian-albrightwolfman 1982 vhs front & backwolfmancoverwolfman 1979

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